1. The artificial human

The model of the future virtual personality has been well captured in a TV series. It depicts that future person to be in the form of a holographic image. The question addressed here is whether it is possible to manufacture such a holographic image that can be availed by everyone with some software or programs. The model also needs to capture multiple personalities.

2. Home renovation marketplace

There are local services provided at the lowest price for different work areas in homes, but they are not easily accessible for people seeking fast and low-cost housework assistance. This is a place to meet people who want help of all sort from somebody ready, willing and expert for little money. All professions and trades should be represented as fully independent experts free to seek customers from whoever they choose

3. Personal trusted data storage

Every individual has tons of information stored offline in some forms like documents, letters, emails, photos etc scattered across all their devices connected at home or elsewhere. A service comes handy here which provides smart data storage where an individual can control access and security of the present data without ever being detached from them online

4. Social media with less bugs and glitches or none

Everyone knows that almost every social media site nowadays has various annoying issues like unwanted ads popping up during chats on LINE, apps freezing when it should not freeze etc on facebook, instagrams around etc have many bugs which irritate users who spend hours on end using these sites

5. Virtual land ownership with unique names for locations.

This idea will start from providing virtual land ownership for identification purposes accompanied by naming features so that others may be able to remember their properties better in the future using these distinctive names

6. Forum with no trackers nor moderators/frequent content updates/hate free space! (based on reddit instant articles)..(the only forum so far that does not make people hate forums). So basically just a Reddit clone but more secure and with no ads

7. Online dating service with more options

Online dating services are now everywhere but they lack features and options to cater for everyone. They are also used by many people for cheating and other bad purposes. This idea aims to create a service which provides more options for people to find their matches.

8. A virtual doctor available on demand

The idea is to create a virtual doctor service which can be used by people at their convenience for diagnosis and prescription of medicines. The service will be available on demand via a chatbot or similar type of software.

9. A virtual shopping assistant

The idea is to have an assistant which will assist people in shopping online. The assistant will help a person to find the best deals online and buy things from the most affordable sites. The assistant will also monitor the items purchased and alert the person when it’s time to change the things.

10. Next generation social network which allows developers to create apps on its platform.

A social network with lots of features where developers can create apps and make it more functional.

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