Idea Meritocracy: Why the Best Ideas Win

What Is an Idea Meritocracy?

This is a rather complicated term, but let’s understand it step by step. So, the Meritocracy of Ideas is how the best ideas win, regardless of who they come from. Ray Dalio, American financier, billionaire, and founder of investment firm Bridgewater Associates, believes that meritocracy is the best decision-making system.

Here are some tips on how to build an effective meritocracy:

  • Bring together intelligent, independent thinkers.
  • Let them thoughtfully disagree with each other
  • Overcome disagreements by using coordinated systems.

Combine all this, and you’ll notice tangible results — increased levels of ideas and collective solid thinking.

But to create an effective meritocracy, you need to understand the principles on which it is built. In general, the Meritocracy of Ideas is built on several fundamental principles:

  • Radical Truth.
  • Radical transparency.
  • Thoughtful dissent.
  • Plausibility-based decision-making

Now that you know the answer to “what is the meritocracy of ideas,” you can learn how to manage and encourage ideas.

Managing Ideas

So how do you get ideas? How do you generate and manage thoughts in a meritocracy of ideas? His self-righteousness hurt Dalio in the early 1980s. Now he believed that the best way to be right was for intelligent people to disagree and examine each other’s arguments. He never refused to point out the stupidity of others and expected others to do the same toward him. He saw it as a cooperative game of jazz, where ideas were discussed repeatedly, and better decisions were made than individuals could have created alone.

In essence, he wanted to automate and systematize the management of people, just as he had automated financial trading.

Amygdala Interceptions

Often the subconscious mind takes over your brain and actions, and the conscious mind must refuse to obey its instructions. If you react spontaneously and emotionally without thinking, your subconscious mind is controlling you.

To stop it, you need to recognize the warning signs; when your heartbeat increases, your breathing becomes more intense. These are reactions of the sympathetic nervous system. When you realize that this is happening, you should develop a plan to get out of this seized state so that rational consciousness can regain control of the situation.

After that, consciously think about what is causing the amygdala to seize. Teach the subconscious “you” the same way you would teach a child behavior — with loving-kindness and persistence.

Two “yous” can work together

Yet the best ideas and solutions can come from the cooperation of the two “yous,” not when the rational “you” completely subordinates the subconscious “you.”

For example, sometimes, the greatest inspiration “pops up” from our subconscious. More often than not, it happens when you are relaxed and don’t force yourself to come up with great ideas consciously. The conscious logical mind then tests those ideas to see how good they are.

Don’t worry about the correct answers

A common problem, especially among high achievers, is the desire to be the one giving the correct answers. Our environment emphasizes this — parents and schools want you to provide the correct answers on tests and be the only one who produces bright ideas. But in a meritocracy of ideas, you have to admit that ideas can and will come from everywhere.

If being right and having the best ideas is most important to you, you shouldn’t care whether the correct answer comes from you or someone else. Focus on finding the truth and the best ideas.

How does Inite promote Idea Meritocracy?

With inite we would like to automate and systematize the management of people’s thoughts and ideas, give them a convenient platform for thinking and earning. Later in development, an entire Metaverse of ideas will be available, bringing together intelligent thinkers to think, play and earn.

Initers will be able to support each other’s ideas, as well as reasonably disagree. It is a symbiotic by nature ecosystem we are creating where people collaborate to develop and achieve results.

We believe that best ideas should win, as well as have monetization potential.

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