Ideas are the new black: this true currency of the modern world brings progress, satisfaction, and success. But how to generate them professionally and what to do when you lack inspiration? Give a try to Inite and follow our hacks of ideas developing.

Few Steps to Start

Cognitive studies show that the creation of ideas is a complex mental activity that makes the two sides of the brain correlate. When you work on an idea, you boost your intellect, sequential thought, and creative reasoning. Meanwhile, your body produces dopamine and lifts your mental endurance. You become happier, healthier, and smarter. To generate ideas more efficiently and to be always inspired, try our techniques of brainstorming.

Associative Flow

Free Writing

The Worst Possible Idea




Magic of Colors

Get Crazy

Practice Makes Perfect

Regeneration of Inspiration

Contemporary inspirational mindfulness practices promise to turn you into a luminous being. You are sitting, breathing, counting seconds, but the flood of your thoughts still leads you for parts unknown. That’s OK, don’t blame yourself for lacking enlightenment. The cognitive studies show that meditation can build the ground for further development, but can’t be the main tool. So, don’t feel hopeless and rely on Inite.

Steal like an artist

Old is gold

Do Nothing

The Light of Inite

No Blank Space

Systematical Approach

Healthy Gaming

Ideas Count

Additionally, we hold contests and offer fellowships. We believe in the equality of all contestants, so our only measure is the originality and quality of your ideas.

Efficient Socialization

What about debates and different points of view? We believe that the truth is sprout in discussions, and enable you to lead controversial conversations comfortably.

No Emotional Burn-Out

Decision Making

Boost Self-Esteem



A game that binds growth in life and growth in the game. Based on lists of new ideas.