Intelligence is the basis of the most significant ideas

Inite is proud for anyone who seeks to pump up their intellect.

«A brilliant person can be recognized not by profound knowledge in any one area of the activity but by the ability to create and make unexpected connections between them.

What matters is the ability to see a picture of what is going on, as if you had climbed to the 80th floor of a building in the middle of the city and could see the whole thing from there.

It would be best if you didn’t settle for the same life experience as everyone else. Otherwise, you will make the same connections to the world and the people around you as they do, and you will never do anything truly innovative,» Steve Jobs said in an interview.

The broader a person’s horizons, the deeper they are as a person.

How do you develop the ability to take a bird’s eye view of any situation?

You have to become intellectually open, exploring the world around you in many ordinary, unusual, and even unexpected ways.

The point of approaching intellectual development is not that a combination of seemingly unrelated (and relatively rare) spheres of knowledge can give you a broader and fuller perspective on some problems and unique insights to help solve them.

It’s unlikely to bring some radically new idea or perspective to your work if you have the same interests and life experiences as everyone else.

Being fixated on one thing may well be a barrier to developing your intellect and creativity.

Many studies show an apparent link between openness to new knowledge and truly great intelligence.

Back in the 1960s, when scientists observed a group of geniuses from different fields of science and art, they found that they were all incredibly open to new ideas, knowledge, and life experiences.

And another study showed that an excellent appetite for new ideas and experiences correlates with high intelligence in young people and helps them cope with age-related declines in intelligence.

If you want to stay smart enough to have good ideas in the future, it’s essential to cultivate an intellectual openness and breadth of interests constantly.



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