Learn to program our subconscious: Ideas can change lives and bring rewards

4 min readJun 2, 2022


How a regular habit of generating ideas can improve your brain

The human mind is one of the greatest tools and yet worst enemies. We don’t realize that if not respected, it can very easily hijack us, leading us on a spiral of self-destructive thoughts and addictive behavior.

Before we know it, we are reaching for the junk food, pressing the snooze button again, binge watching Netflix instead of writing that report… it just seems futile trying to get out of these destructive loops.

Are we really just helpless victims to our own minds?

No — we can actually learn to program our subconscious.

With careful intentions and constructive behavior, we can train our amygdala to avoid the fight-or-flight response that provokes fear, anxiety and stress.

The right behavior

Ok, great. I know I need to make a change, but where do I start?

Idea generation is one of the most beneficial yet overlooked ways to start forming good habits in your life — habits to achieve results.

James Altucher is a textbook example of this. He found himself in deep depression, even contemplating suicide, after gaining and losing $15 million dollars in the dot-com crash… until he decided to make a daily habit of writing things down.

Every day he made himself create a list of

  • Things
  • Ideas
  • Article headlines
  • People interested in those articles

He then started pitching to people through email about how his ideas might be able to improve their businesses. The rest is history — he became a world renowned writer, podcaster and hedge fund manager.

By generating new ideas, he opened up neural pathways in his mind.

By sharing these ideas with other people, he opened up new possibilities in his life.

“Every day you reinvent yourself. You’re always in motion. But you decide every day: forward or backward.”

— James Altucher

But my ideas aren’t good enough

I’ll let you in on a little secret — no one’s are.

It’s kind of like a toddler saying that they are not good at speaking when they’re still trying to learn the language.

You see, everyone starts off with bad ideas. That’s why it’s so important to just keep generating them. If you keep pushing out more and more, then eventually a few good ones will appear. And a few more after that. You’ll know it when you feel it.

James calls himself “Dr. Failure” because he understands that in order to succeed, he first had to fail. He has had hundreds of ideas and failed at 17 businesses before having 3 successes.

Ideas are like a lottery — you never know when they are going to hit.

“Do as many ideas as possible. The right idea will pick you.”

— James Altucher

Keeping the Habit

Easier said than done, right? How many times have you tried to form a good habit, started off really strong for a few days, and then just faded off?

The reason for this is there are no clear incentive mechanisms in place. Good habits need a good kick — either a strong forward motivator (e.g. money) or a strong fear of loss (e.g. your house).

Inite prefers the forward motivator.Inite platform uses GameFi mechanics to incentivise idea generation process, make it fun and rewarding. Think-to-Earn is the concept.

SocialFi mechanics allow to connect with other players, brainstorm ideas together, collaborate on projects and provide feedback to other users.

Depending on the game mode, players are able to record ideas and track results privately or create teams and challenges in groups.

Many heads are often better than one. Collective thinking inspires people to come up with better ideas and solve problems, promotes idea meritocracy.

By bringing highly motivated individuals into a competitive environment with a clear incentive structure, Inite stimulates intellectual creativity.

Inite is tapping into the powerful force of collective thinking and providing a medium for thoughtful disagreement to promote radical truth so great ideas get recognized and rewarded.

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