Learning mnemonic technique: valuable tips and techniques

What is mnemonic engineering?

What opportunities do mnemotechnics offer?

  • important matters and promises are remembered;
  • essential facts are remembered;
  • attention is not scattered;
  • credits and exams can be prepared for faster;
  • shopping lists can be memorized;
  • any topic can be thought through in greater depth without gadgets and notes.
  • The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for logical thinking and intelligence, orderliness, and conventionally technical direction;
  • The right hemisphere is responsible for creativity, color perception, imagination, spatial relations, and images.

How do you learn mnemonic techniques?

1. Self-study

2. Initial letters or the edge effect

3. Miller’s rule

4. The Isolation Effect (Restorff)

5. Rhymes and Rhythms


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