Motivation: Scientific Approach VS Esoteric Practices and Life Coaching

With numerous opportunities to take and dreams to chase, the modern rhythm of life leaves us astray and burnt-out. To get back in the swing and achieve our goals, we need motivation that can be acquired with different strategies applied. They include esoteric practices, life coaching, and the scientific approach.

Esoteric Practices



Boost of Imagination





No Scientific Proofs

Getting Strange

Mental Health Issues

Life Coaching


Human Communication

Individual Approach



Prices Bite

Beautiful Lies

Dependency Development

Fake Friendship

Road to Nowhere

Trust Issues



Scientific Approach


Explored Core

The drive theory was created by behaviorists Clark Hull and Kenneth Spence. Their studies describe motivation as the subconscious result of biological needs. The instance theory was based on the suggestion of psychologist William McDougall who defined motivation as an instinct consisting of perception, behavior, and emotion. The humanistic theory of motivation arises from Abraham Maslow’s idea that human beings have cognitive reasons to act according to their hierarchy of needs.

Correlation with Memory

Structured Methodology

No Money Lost

Proven Efficiency

Socially Constructed


Personal Liability


Starting the game results in normal self-esteem, developed imaginative thinking, positive inner monitoring, adequate communication with opinion allies, lots of inspiration, and energy for real-life targets.
Additionally, Inite users are saved from motivated forgetting with options not to remind about an idea, to remind about it daily, and to remind about it according to the forgetting curve. If you set daily recalls, we recommend you to implement a little bit more tasks day by day, according to the compound interest scheme. Following this tip you can upgrade yourself by nearly 40% within a year: 1.01365 = 37.78. If you choose the forgetting curve reminders, you will get fewer recalls but still will not forget about your ideas. According to Ebbinghaus,this method is 9 times more efficient than rote memorization.

What is more, Inite has a steadiness counter that enables you to control and analyze how much you return to work and what motivates you. That’s how you can upgrade yourself scientifically and consciously. Motivation can be born without rituals and mentors, you are the captain of your ship!


A game that binds growth in life and growth in the game. Based on lists of new ideas.