The impact of computer games on man: myths and legends of our time

Why is the influence of computer games considered harmful?

  • Games take more than 5 hours a day.
  • The player is not able to distract himself with something else.
  • The player does all essential activities, including eating, without a break from the game.
  • The player avoids real live contacts and live communication.
  • When necessary to communicate, the player can only discuss computer games.
  • The player spends an inadequate amount of money on buying games and gaming equipment.

The influence of computer games on mental development

7 Myths about the harm of computer games:

  • Games siphon money out of players.
  • Games interfere with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Games promote cruelty.
  • Games steal opportunities.
  • Games distract from the important stuff.
  • Games are addictive.
  • Games are a disease.




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