Vision: 21st-century literacy

What is a heads-up?

Why develop visual literacy?

  • For example, a person with good visual experience will look appealing to others, which often plays into the hands of others.
  • By learning to “see properly,” a person can combat visual noise around them — avoiding it and eliminating it.
  • People observed are likely more cultured because they have a more developed visual culture.
  • It is more difficult for a person who has been seen to fall into the hands of fraudsters. After all, even in order, for example, to hire a good designer, he must be distinguished from the rest and set a task. And for this, you need to have at least minimal visual experience.
  • If one adheres to the idea that a good eye (as a set of good examples) is a broad outlook, then developing it can help everyone become more professional in their field and more successful in life.

How do you develop a vision?

  • what makes them stand out;
  • what elements catch their eye: color, composition, fonts, or characters;
  • what’s in them that catches your eye;
  • what emotions the image evokes and why;
  • which colors are represented;
  • what associations the combination evokes;
  • how to adapt the idea to the project.




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