Reading has always been regarded as the key source of knowledge and imagination, but let it be truly efficient! Inite has prepared for you some tips on conscious reading and some recommendations on deliberate texts about idea generation.

Efficient Reading

Good reading a day keeps apathy away. Though most texts are classified…

“You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen.”

― Neil Gaiman, Stardust.

Inspiration is the outrunner of revolutions. But where to find its source and make it efficient? According to the Golden Circle concept, the greatest motivations come from true belief in visions, the core ‘why” of their existence…

Ideas are the new black: this true currency of the modern world brings progress, satisfaction, and success. But how to generate them professionally and what to do when you lack inspiration? Give a try to Inite and follow our hacks of ideas developing.

Few Steps to Start

It is always tricky to enter the…

inite - become an idea machine

A game that binds growth in life and growth in the game. Based on lists of new ideas.

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